Notes from the NetRoots Conference Call

On Wednesday evening,  I participated with a number of other bloggers in a NetRoots conference call sponsored by the Jill Derby campaign and the Desert Beacon.  The purpose of the call was to introduce Jill to some of ‘Nevada’s’ bloggers and solicit their support to channel information from the Jill Derby campaign across the blogosphere.  Since I sometimes guest-contribute to the Desert Beacon and Blue Sage Views, and since I have my own blog, RockSpot, as well, I was invited to participate.  If you know of a blogger who might be a good advocate for Jill, leave me a comment  to this post (which, if requested, I won’t post to this blog) and I’ll get in touch with them and try to link them up with the Jill Derby Campaign.

Jill opened her Reno Campaign headquarters last week:

Jill Derby Campaign Headquarters
500 Damonte Parkway, Suite 909
Reno, NV 89512
David W. Mason, Campaign Manager
w: 775-770-2008 | c: 775-980-5067 | f: 775-770-2009

So, the next time you’re in Reno, stop by and say hello, pick up a sign or two for your front yard or elsewhere about town, or pick up a bumper sticker to show your support.  If, on the other hand, you won’t be going to Reno in the near future because the cost of gasoline is just far to cost-prohibitive … you can print off a few campaign posters (Jill Derby Campaign Poster) to share with your friends and neighbors, or use it for talking points.

Jill Derby is our Democratic candidate running in NV-02 against incumbent Rep. Dean Heller.  It’s time for a change in Washington! Let’s boot him out and elect Jill.