Meeting Minutes: 09-10-2008

The September 2008 meeting of the HCDCC was called to order by Chairman Don Rogers on September 10, 2008.

Previous Mtg Minutes:
The previous meeting’s minutes were presented and approved as written.

Treasurer’s Reports:
The Treasurer’s Report was presented and approved as presented.

Old Business — Soup Kitchen Volunteer Effort:
Nicki reported that that she and Gordon, Don and Carolyn and Brad Heese had prepared the evening meal on August 31st at the Soup Kitchen for about 16-17 people as well as prepared 16 box lunches.  They made meatloaf, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn and dessert.  All who participated in the meal were very appreciative.  One person was registered to vote in the upcoming election.

Old Business — Skeet Shoot Fundraising Idea:
KC Harrison explained his trip to the skeet shooting range as something on the order of  a ‘Tim Conway goes skeet shooting’ type of trip.  You really needed to be there to hear first hand the comedy of issues and error KC encountered.  Needless to say, this idea is now dead and we won’t be persuing it further.

Old Business — Democratic Booth at the Tri-County Fair:
KC Harrison, Bill Sims, Patrick Henigan, Shannon Killian, Gordon & Nicki Schumacher, and Don & Carolyn took shifts in working a booth at the Tri-County Fair during two days of the Labor Day Weekend.  They managed to register around 2 dozen new voters for the upcoming election.

Old Business — Walk for Jill Derby in the Labor Day Parade:
Jill Derby’s crew of 8 folks arrived in Winnemucca on Friday, Aug. 29th and stayed at Roger & Vickie’s home overnight before participating in Winnemucca’s Labor Day parade on Saturday, Aug. 30th.  We had a good showing for Jill in the Parade, 7 of her crew, plus 9 local democrats from our group and another 2 Obama supporters who donned Jill Derby shirts to support her in the Parade.

Old Business — HCDCC Legislative Platform:
No activity presented at meeting.

New Business — Update from Lance Whitney about Obama’s Campaign Status in NV
While Lance was unable to make to trip to Winnemucca, he did call in to the meeting via Nicki’s cell phone and give us a few updates.  The reason he wasn’t able to make the trip was that Gov. Palin was scheduled to fly into Reno over the weekend and there were making every effort possible to organize protesters for her visit.

Lance Whitney is Chairman of the Elko Demographic Committee and is the Regional Representative for Barack Obama in the Rurals.  He explained that they think we have a very good chance of getting a large number of voters out in the rural areas this election to close the republican gap.  He also explained that Democrats now outnumber Republicans in NV by 76,000 voters.  Now all we have to do is get them out to vote.

He also indicated that they are looking for a small office in Winnemucca (about 500 sq.ft) so if anyone knows of an available space to give him a call on his campaign cell (775)315-8914 or send him an email:

Lastly, he indicated that Obama canvassers would be conducting a canvass in Winnemucca on Sunday 9/14 and could use some canvassers to know on about 30-40 doors each. in two shifts, one shift starting at 1pm and the 2nd shift starting at 4pm.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00pm

Attending were:  Don Rogers, Carolyn Rogers, Nicki Schumacher, Gordon Schumacher, Roger Rock, Vickie Rock, KC Harrison