Early Voting Schedule

Early voting is easy in Nevada, and is available to every voter. Voters can vote at any location in their respective county where early voting is offered. Early voting offers the following benefits:

  • Makes voting more accessible to more citizens;
  • Increases voter participation rates;
  • Allows more accurate and efficient ballot counts;
  • Reduces administrative costs to the taxpayer; and
  • Creates a more informed and thoughtful electorate.

Early Voting dates for the General Election are from Saturday, October 18th – Friday, October 31st. While Friday, October 31st is “Nevada Day” holiday, early voting poles will be open. Secretary of State Ross Miller expects that by the time the polls close on Nov. 4th, 85% of Nevadan will have cast a ballot in this general election. To avoid long lines on the 4th, you might want to take advantage of the 2-week early voting opportunity by stopping into the County courthouse and cast your vote early.

For more information about where and when you can ‘early-vote’:
Tami Rae Spero, Humboldt County Clerk
50 W. 5th Street, #207
Winnemucca, Nevada 89445-3199
(775)-623-6343    FAX-623-6309
Email: coclerkts@hcnv.us
Website: www.hcnv.us