Coming Soon to a PC Near You!

As President-Elect Barack Obama shifts into transition mode, a new website is in the process of being created that will allow folks to keep up with all the goings-on.  That new site will be  Right now, it’s shows an ‘under construction’ screen … but check back from time to time to review what’s happening. 

According to this morning’s Washington Post, “Obama hopes to quickly name a Treasury secretary, a decision that will set the tone for his relationship with the battered financial world, and is expected to name his chief of staff, most likely [Rahm] Emanuel, this week.”  Rumors of “who’s” on the short list for treasury include:

The Washington Post is also launching a new section on their website to keep people informed as the transition unfolds.  “The Fed Page: Inside the Government Workforce,  will provide vital information to workers in the government, contractors who work with the government, and readers who want to understand the federal government’s inner workings. In coming weeks, amid the transition, the site will offer insights into officials up for key posts in the new administration.” [WP]

UPDATE 11/6/2008: Rahm Emanuel accepted the position of ‘Chief of Staff’.