Exploratory Remarks

Here’s a copy of the remarks made by Cindy Trigg on March 19th in Carson City as she announced the formation of her exploratory venture.  Her initial focus will be to look at issues using a “fierce urgency of now” approach:

Someone once said, “Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.”

And as I stand here I want you to know a couple of things.

I am exploring a run for Congress against Heller but rest assured that I am not embarking on a journey of revenge.

I am exploring the level of support out there for a different kind of campaign.  And while I’m already getting overwhelming support from donors and voters … I want to talk about the type of campaign I want to run and get your feedback.

But rest assured, if the signs keep looking as positive as they are right now, I will be making a final decision very soon.

Let me start by saying that while I disagree with Heller on a lot of things, I really want to focus my remarks on what we need to do better to beat him.

One, we can’t wait until next year to get started.  If I run, I will begin raising money and organizing this year.  Dr. Martin Luther King talked about “the fierce urgency of now”.  If I run, my campaign will have the fierce urgency of now.

Two, we can’t just talk to Democrats.  If I run, I’m going to talk to Republicans and Independents about issues their party hasn’t solved for them.  And I’ll do this over and over until I find enough of them to turn Heller’s concrete base into very soft quicksand.

Three, we have to offer solutions.  If I run, I will run a serious and competitive campaign but I won’t be beholden to sound bites.  I’m going to challenge Heller to talk about big ideas and solutions.  If he won’t join the conversation, I’ll take the challenge to TV, radio, direct mail and any other place it takes to show he’s not serious about solutions.

Four, we have to spend less time talking about what he hasn’t done and spend more time talking about what Washington can do to make a difference here in Nevada. 

The conversation I want to have with people in this district is about what we can do in Nevada to create jobs, to reform education and healthcare and to ask the tough questions on foreign policy so we don’t make the same mistakes in Afghanistan that we made in Iraq.

Finally, we have to quit confusing activity with progress. 

If I run, I will focus on the things it takes to win, not the things that make us proud to be Democrats.  I will not take a journey of revenge, but I do have the fierce urgency of now.  If this interests you, let’s talk.  If you’re skeptical, let’s talk.

But whatever we decide to do, let’s all leave here today agreed that we won’t allow another day to come and go without us making progress towards bringing Heller home from Washington!

Thank you … Cindy Trigg

You can help Cindy energize her campaign to take on Dean Heller by visiting her Act Blue page and making a donation or planning an event on her behalf.


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  1. bluelyon 2009-03-27 / 03:19

    Excellent! That woman is fierce!

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