Cindy Trigg Out of the Race

Cindy Trigg, who previously announced she would run against Rep. Dean Heller in the 2010 election, has dropped out of the race.  Here’s a copy of the note she sent out announcing her decision to drop out of the race.

Dear Family, Friends and Supporters:

“As of today, I am ending my campaign for Congress.  This decision came after a sudden series of unforeseen professional obligations that required and will continue to require more of my attention than a campaign for Congress will allow.  As long as I sit on the School Board Trustees, school board responsibilities are my priority, issues affecting our children in Douglas County, advocating for our parents will continue to be and always be my first priority.

While I believe that Dean Heller can be defeated next year, I cannot dedicate the time required to mount a winning campaign.  I stand ready to assist the Democratic nominee in 2010 in pushing a message that Democrats are the party of job creation, economic recovery, healthcare reform, energy independence and most importantly to me education reform.  I would like to thank all the wonderful people who contributed and supported my short campaign.  I am forever grateful and hope that I can count on their support if another congressional campaign is in my future.”

Cindy Olivas Trigg

From what I’ve been able to learn, it looks like Rep. Heller’s rivals in the 2010 election just might be Paul Reeves (from Pahrump) and Jack Schofield (Las Vegas).  Lordy be … you’d think we should be able to find a good Democratic candidate from northern rural Nevada who could defeat Rep. Heller!

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