Support Confirmation of Judge Sotomayor

Fence-sitting Republicans are finally beginning to announce their intention to vote against confirmation of Judge Sotomayor when her nomination comes up for a vote in the Senate. 

Judge Sotomayor is a restrained and moderate jurist who was put on the bench initially by Republican President George Herbert Walker Bush. She dilligently reviews all relevant information before her in making a decision. In fact, her decision on the appellate court regarding the New Haven firefighters (which was recently overturned by the Supreme court and which the GOP has ranted the most about about) was one that clearly followed precedents set in earlier court rulings … the exact kind of rulings that conservatives purportedly claim to embrace.  She has more judicial experience on the bench than any other nominated jurist in the last 100 years, but apparently, that’s just not good enough for the GOP.

That vote on her confirmation is expected to come up for a vote during the week of August 3 … just before Congress breaks for its summer vacation.  So … that means you have time to write a simple one sentence email to Senators Reid and Ensign asking them to vote “YES” on the confirmation of Judge Sotomayer.  (Clicking their name will take you to their online comment submittal forms.)