Meeting Minutes: 2009-11-10

Prior to meeting, guest speakers Patty Herzog and John Milton discussed the Jungo Landfill.

Meeting Minutes:  11-10-2009

The meeting was held at Round Table Pizza at 7:00 pm.  Called to order by K.C. Harrison, chairman.

Previous meeting minutes of 9-8-2009 were read by Nicki Schumacher, standing in for Secretary Treasurer, Vickie Rock.  Motion to approve by Roger Rock and seconded by Don Rogers.

Treasurer’s report was given in the same fashion.  Motion to approve by Roger Rock and seconded by Don Rogers.

New Business

Letter read by Nicki Schumacher for committee approval concerning Health Care Reform.  Changes were suggested by Sandy Hammargren to add “strong” to “public option”, and by Patrick Henigin to add “preventive medical care” as a need in the Health Care Reform Bill.  Letter should be sent to all Democratic Senators, the local newspaper, and the Reno newspaper.  Motion to approve by Carolyn Rogers and seconded by Lorraine Giurlani.

Discussion of February Caucus was tabled and will be brought back at the next meeting after K. C. Harrison has an opportunity to talk to NV State Democratic Party to find out what requirements need to be met for the Humboldt County Caucus.  Moved by Roger Rock and seconded by Nicki Schumacher.

Discussion of Platform Resolutions:  A committee will be formed to study platform issues with Dee Holzel as chairman and members named at a later date.  They will report at the next meeting.  Moved by Dee Holzel and seconded by Patrick Henigin.

Discussion of contacting state and local officials to speak at meetings:  K. C. Harrison will contact Bill Diest and Bruce Brooks to inform on county financial status.  He will also contact the various candidate campaigns to find the feasibility of having a dinner event for all the candidates to meet the Winnemucca area voters.

Discussion of fund raising for the HCDCC:  Dee Holzel suggest a booth selling food at the annual 4th of July celebration in the park, K. C. Harrison suggested a booth for a dunking tank calling it the Dunk a Democrat at the same event.  Sandy Hammargren suggested a Democratic Garage Sale.  This item was tabled for more study.

Discussion for forming a credential committee:  Sandy Hammargren, Dee Holzel and Don Rogers will check credentials for membership in the HCDCC as per the by-laws.

Moved by Nicki Schumacher and seconded by Lorraine Guirlani.

Next meeting to be held at the home of Vickie and Roger Rock, 3094 Piute St., so we can video conference with Vickie in Ohio on December 9th.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00.  Moved by Nicki Schumacher and seconded by Carolyn Rogers.

Health Care Reform Ltr read and approved for sending:

Dear Senator,

 The Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee in Nevada want Health Care Reform passed and signed by the end of the year.

 We want the bill to include:

  1. A strong public option
  2. Coverage for preexisting conditions
  3. Regulation of insurance costs
  4. Regulation of medical costs
  5. Preventive health care

 The cost is of concern to all taxpayers and we would like the reform to pay for itself.  Cost savings will come from computerizing medical records, regulations and penalties for fraud, and the increase of people included in the insurance pool.  The cost of not passing reform comes through uninsured people forced to use emergency room services, others seriously ill wait until last resort and we the taxpayers are forced to pay for life saving treatment.  Another cost comes when people are not able to go to the Doctor with a cold or the flu and go to work and school spreading the disease to everyone.  The insurance companies are increasing premiums annually and some more often while spendable income has not increased in the last twenty years.  How long can we afford the status quo?


 Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee