Mtg Minutes: 03/09/2010

Attendees: KC Harrison, Nicki & Gordon Schumacher, Roger Rock, Kathryn Adamen, Bill Smiley, Jerry Hirsch, Don Rogers, Meredith Bennett (Rory Reid Campaign), Mike McDonald (local Dist Atty Candidate), Matt McKnight (Harry Reid Campaign)


  • Mike McDonald introduced himself and announced that he would be running for District Atty.  He answered a number of questions posed by those in attendance.
  • Matt McKnight introduced himself and let everyone know that he is the Harry Reid campaign representative for the folks in the northern counties.  He also shared significant recent accomplishments by Sen. Reid:
    • Passed the jobs bill
    • Committed to final passage of the Health Care Reform bill
    • Northern bus tour scheduled
    • Channeled $700,ooo to Humboldt County projects — will be sending a complete list to KC for him to share with us
    • … 775-376-2743
  • Meredith Bennett introduced herself and let everyone know that she is based in Reno and is our representative for the Rory Reid campaign for Governor.
    • The man with a plan … vision document …  EDGE document
    • Extended a “thank you” for sponsoring the French Ford Middle School Event
    • Virtual Phone Bank option available
    • Rory currently manages Clark County’s $7B budget … the state budget = $8B
    • Talked about the “letters to the editor” program
    • … 775-453-5828

Business Meeting:

The business meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM

  • Minutes were accepted as posted (moved by Gordon /seconded by Nicki)
  • Treasury Report was accepted as read (moved by Gordon / seconded by Nicki)
  • Next big event:  Humboldt County Convention on 4/24/2010
  • Need to flesh out the Resolutions from the caucus for presentation at the Convention:
    • Education — KC & Vickie
    • Health Care — Nicki & Gordon
    • Medical Marijuana — Nicki & Gordon
    • Election Reform — Nicki & Gordon
    • Energy — Bill Smiley
    • Local:  Involvement in economic development — Vickie
    • Alternative Energy — Vickie
  • Chairs for the Convention
    • Credentials — Kathryn & Vickie
    • Rules — Don & Carolyn Rogers

Meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM