Notes from the May 2010 Meeting

For those of you who missed our May meeting last night, you missed out on an opportunity to get to know three of the four candidates who will face off in next month’s primary to become our party’s nominee for Nevada’s Lt. Governor position, one of our state’s six constitutional positions whose duties are:

Governor—serves as chief executive of the state.
Lieutenant Governor—presides over the Nevada senate and casts a vote in the case of tie, fills any vacancy during the term of the governor, and chairs the commissions on Tourism and Economic Development.
Secretary of State—is responsible for overseeing elections, commercial recordings, securities, and notaries.
State Treasurer—oversees state treasury, sets investment policies for state funds, and administers the Unclaimed Property Division and the Millennium Scholarship Program, along with the other college savings programs.
State Controller—is responsible for paying the state’s debts, including state employees’ salaries; maintains the official accounting records; and prepares the annual statement of the state’s financial status and public debt.
Attorney General—acts as the chief law enforcement officer, provides legal services to the state and state agencies, and defends or prosecutes litigation involving the state or state agencies.

Those in attendance got a chance to meet, greet and ask questions of Paul Murad, Jessica Sferrazza, and Robert Randazzo through the use of Skype. We were able to hold a video call with both Paul and Jessica, but only able to hold an audio call with Robert. There was a good interchange of questions and answers that took place and gave all in attendance to see where each of these candidates stood on important issues not just across the state, but here in humboldt county as well.  A number of those who attended had a fairly good ideal of who they would be voting for in the upcoming June 8th primary, but for those who aren’t yet all that sure, you might want to check our their website links above and do a bit more checking.

Speaking of the June 8th primary, our next meeting would normally be held on that same day.  However, a number of us will be working the polls.  So … last night we opted to slide our normal meeting night to the third Tuesday in June (June 15th), and we’ll meet again at Roger and Vickie’s home to see if we can hold yet another video call with one candidate in particular.  Vickie will be putting in a call to the Ken McKenna campaign to see if we can arrange to either get him to come talk to us in person, or spend some time with us via video Skype call.

This Saturday, May 15th, a “rural retreat” will be held in Fallon for all the rural democrats.  Any Democrat who might want to attend is welcome to attend.  If you’d like to go, we have two vehicles heading that way.  I believe that Nicki and Gordon Schumacher have one open seat in their vehicle, and Vickie Rock has 2 open seats in her vehicle.  Give one of them a call if you’d like to tag along.

Before we meet again, the NV Primary will take place on June 8th.  Please take the time to review the candidates running for office and make an informed choice.  See you in at the polls.