GOP’s Pledge Would Cost American Jobs

We need to energize our base to get out and vote in November and vote against Republicans running for the US House and US Senate. Analysis indicates we stand to lose yet another 1.1 million jobs if they get the opportunity to implement the “Pledge” … and that doesn’t factor in other losses contained in Rep. Paul Ryan’s “Roadmap” which would privatize Social Security, VA healthcare, Medicare, and Medicaid.

If the GOP gains control of Congress, they intend to return to the same failed policies that led to massive increases in not just budget deficits, but our national debt (most of which is owned by China, Japan and Social Security).

But, that wasn’t good enough, they killed jobs resulting in the lowest 8-year job creation record since the depression.

So, not only did the National Debt explode under their spending spree, but they killed the economy and put millions of Americans out of work and on the street as homeless. If they can regain control, they want to continue to siphon off the not just the cream, but most of the milk of this nation and give it to the upper 2% of the population. Don’t let that happen. Get out the vote.

Early voting starts on October 16th. Make a statement … get a crowd out there to vote on October 16th when voting opens.