Sneak Vote to Extend Patriot Act Tomorrow

Remember all the furor over the Patriot Act …  specifically, three sections of the Patriot Act —

  • The “Library Provision” — that provision that allows some secret court to issue confiscation orders for anything and everything that might be deemed relevant to an investigation;
  • The “Roving Wiretap Provision” — you know the provision that lets them obtain a wiretap without specifying who or where they’ll be wiretapping; and
  • The “Lone Wolf” Provision — where they can get a wiretap to collect “intelligence” on people who aren’t necessarily identified with or connected to a specific terrorist group … but just might be one just the same.

There are two different bills proposing an extension of the Patriot Act, HR 67 (which would extend it through 2/29/2012) and HR514 (which would extend it’s provisions only through 12/8/2011).  Rumor has it the House will sneak in a vote on HR 514 tomorrow, 2/8/2011.  So much for Mr. Boehner’s promises of transparency, accountability and a renewed focus on constitutionality.  They’re apparently going to attempt to pass HR 514 under “suspension of the rules.”  To do so, that’s going to require a two-thirds vote.

If you have objections to any extension of this Act, you need to call Rep. Heller’s office early on Tuesday morning and tell him not to rubber stamp approval of the extension.

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