We Simply Must Do Better

Did you read the Sunday RGJ?  As I perused the Sunday morning Reno Gazette Journal, I came across a full page picture gallery of Nevada’s 2011 Senate and Assembly members.  While I couldn’t find a link to that exact gallery on the RGJ site, I did find similar information available on the State Legislature’s site:

What struck me as I looked through the gallery is that we, throughout Rural Nevada, need to learn to do a much better job of findng some Democratic candidates who, not only will run, but that can win.  All our representatives to the state legislature are Republicans, which gives us little if any voice in how our state is governed.  And, if that isn’t bad enough, our “rural” Representative to the U.S. Congress, is also a Republican (who apparently doesn’t allow comments from Democrats on his Facebook page … there are comments on his page, but I am not afforded a ‘comment’ link).  We simply must do better!

Democracy for America (DFA) conducts Campaign Training sessions which  are designed to grow comprehensive skills in how to plan and run a winning grassroots campaign.  Basics such as Field Strategy, Fund-raising & Communications are covered extensively, but that’s not all.  The uniquely grassroots focus of the DFA Training Academy is reflecting in our curriculum development and selection. Each Training weekend is unique and crafted with input from local grassroots leaders.

Look over their site and let’s talk at planning a training session at some ‘rural’ location at our March 26, 2011 meeting in Reno, NV.