National Rally for the American Dream

What’s been going on in Wisconsin is electric, and it’s spreading.

In states like Ohio, Florida, Nevada, Tennessee and Indiana, right-wing governors and/or legislators are taking up similar measures to the one in Wisconsin to begin stripping workers of their fundamental collective bargaining rights. In Indiana, Democratic lawmakers have repeated a move by the Democratic state senators in Wisconsin and have left the state to stop the legislature from moving forward with the proposal.

There are indeed rallies going on all around the country this week. (Here’s the latest list PFAW has.)

In addition, this Saturday, February 26, will be a NATIONAL day of rallies to stand up for the American Dream.

PFAW is supporting calls for rallies in every state capitol and every major city nationwide at Noon (12:00pm) local time in each state.

We have THREE DAYS to pull these events together. That’s why PFAW and our progressive allies are calling activists across the country just like you not only to attend these events, but to help organize them.

If you or a group you belong to can organize an event for Saturday, please let us know at Also use that address to let us know if you hear or read of similar events taking place this Saturday near you.

And please “like” the Facebook group “I Support the Call for Nationwide Rallies to Protect the American Dream.”

You can check that page for more info on the events and the issue, as well as post info that you have about events there.

Public workers are being vilified and blamed by the Right for a fiscal crisis created by corporate special interests that have defied regulation and accountability. The public employees didn’t create this mess, and they, along with their unions, are willing to make the concessions in pensions and benefits that will save states money. But stripping workers of their rights to organize and bargain collectively doesn’t save money, it only weakens workers’ ability to stand up for their own interests — something that’s been on the Far Right’s wish list for decades.

The Right’s unconscionable demonization of public workers is intended to turn the middle class against itself … they want division — union vs. non-union workers, private sector vs. public sector employees — all while powerful corporate interests keep getting richer and are asked to share none of the sacrifice.

This Saturday, you can show your solidarity with Wisconsin and with working families in every state … This Saturday, you can be part of a real grassroots movement to stop the Right’s all-out effort to kill the American Dream.