An Open Letter to Sen. Reid

By Horten Ensley

Senator Reid, just heard President Obama is abandoning the new smog regulations put out by the EPA. I will mention that we are a dying culture on a dying planet. This giving in to the organized crime syndicates called corporations to continue causing the destruction of our planet in the pursuit of profit is not excusable. I have supported you since you have been in politics, worked hard for your reelection and will continue to support you, but I will no longer support President Obama and will do all I can to remove him from office.

He is the death knell for the Democratic Party. If he is not removed from office he needs to be impeached. I mention also this is the third time I have written you about our being plundered and have not received a reply. Last time your office sent a form letter on deficit reduction, thanks. If your staff has been told to only let through mail you will like you are finished as a Nevada senator and I would be unhappy with that as you have been a very good senator for Nevada.

The three mining companies operating here in my county are all foreign owned. A few months ago China and Japan got into a territorial dispute in Asia. China’s response was to cut off the top secret heavy metals called rare earths (lanthium, dutridium, nyobium, etc.) These minerals being essential to manufacturing all high-tech products, nuclear weapons to cell phones, etc. Japan responded by taking control of Nevada gold mining. They are mining gold, but mainly they are plundering Nevada rare earths. They are not being monitored and take what they will with no supervision and then tell us what they took. Pay for nothing and certainly no tax as you cannot tax what you do not know about.

Gold hit a new record of about $1,800 an ounce a couple days ago. The last price I heard for rare earths was $4,600 a gram, so a few hundred times more valuable than gold. Gov. Gibbons went behind closed doors and made deals with the mining companies, not to mention rare earths and not to tax foreign-owned mining companies. Though I mention that the $260 billion that changed hands in various foreign capitols via their banking systems, had our legitimate share been paid to us instead of foreign capitalists Nevada would have no deficits and would have a very large surplus. This reducing the deficit by protecting the rich, no taxes, and instead starving our children, elderly and sick and putting our people in the street to die is termed genocide not deficit reduction.

I point out that this is not something for the future. These train loads of ore are leaving daily and these billions are changing hands daily so the money is there now, only we’re not getting our share of what is, after all, ours to begin with and when the ore is gone it’s gone and we have been plundered dry and left a dusty, polluted hole as these same people plundering us have done all over Asia, Africa, South America and plus. And that does not mention we might get some of our ore returned to us in a form we wouldn’t like such as a missile from a satellite packing germs of some kind to kill us quick. Only possible because of the rare earths stolen from us. Oh and where are our intelligence people to permit this crap. If you are going to give our minerals to foreigners at least make them build the processing plants here where we can see what they’re stealing and we could use the high-paying manufacturing jobs instead of the Japanese, Europeans and Asians making all the money from Nevada ore. I would like a reply.

Thank you, Horten Ensley