GOP Using Blinders When It Comes to Jobs Growth

Apparently, not only do the GOP candidates reject and not understand science, they also don’t understand math and can’t understand a simple graph such as this:

Do the GOP candidates have some magic switch they plan to flip that would instantaneously fix all of our economic woes?  I don’t think so.

The private sector has been doing its job trying to create jobs since President Obama took office.  But, Republican Governors across this nation have been eliminating as many public sector jobs as they possibly could.  Continuing the pattern, the private sector added jobs and the public eliminated jobs.  But in December, private employers added 212,000 jobs while the public sector cut only 12,000 jobs.

In comparison to other months, government employment changed little in December, but was down by 280,000 over the year.  Public sector job losses in 2011 occurred mostly in local government; state government, excluding education; and the U.S. Postal Service.

What December’s numbers tell us is that both the number of unemployed persons (13.1 million) as well as the unemployment rate (8.5 percent) are continuing to trend down.  Despite claims by the GOP to the contrary, the unemployment rate has declined by 0.6 percentage point since August.