Romney Energy Policy Full of Empty Rhetoric and Bad Ideas for Americans

In this election alone, Romney has raised more than $750,000 from oil and gas special interests. And to keep those monies flowing into his campaign coffers, h’ss pandering to his Big Oil donors and telling them exactly what they want to hear.  As a case in point, last week, Mitt Romney spoke at the Petroleum Club in Shreveport, Louisiana pandering to his Big Oil donors and telling them exactly what they want to hear. He spoke to a roomful of Big Oil executives who have given money to his campaign and who would benefit from the pro-oil policies Romney supports as a presidential candidate. Romney’s energy policy is full of empty rhetoric and bad ideas that would make his Big Oil donors even richer at the expense of the middle class.

Romney’s rhetoric on energy is dishonest and misleading. He claims President Obama is “on a mission to drive up the price of gasoline and all energy,” but here’s the truth:

  • Under President Obama, domestic oil and natural gas production have gone up every year. Last year, oil production reached an 8-year high, natural gas production reached an all-time high, and both are expected to rise.
  • Drilling alone won’t make gas prices go down. That’s why the President has pursued an all-of-the-above energy strategy that’s decreasing our dependence on foreign oil so we’re less vulnerable to price spikes on the international oil market.
  • Our dependence on foreign oil is at a 16-year low, and President Obama’s historic new fuel economy standards will save consumers about $8,000 at the pump during the life of their vehicle.

Romney opposes President Obama’s all-of-the-above energy strategy to help decrease our dependence on foreign oil and oil in general.  Mitt Romney is advocating for the policies that will keep gas prices high, as well as criticizing the fuel-economy standards that are helping families save at the pump.

Mitt Romney doesn’t speak for me and he certainly doesn’t intend to represent ordinary, every day Americans.  He represents big money and corporate interests who are out to filch every last time they can from the American public … and he and his backers don’t care if Americans starve, freeze to death in the dead of winter, or otherwise die for lack of health care.  There goal is to weaken government sufficiently such that it doesn’t have the means to keep them from stealing away all of our Country’s riches for themselves and no others.