Start Your Own Petition at SignOn.Org

–Wes Boyd & Joan Blades, Founders of

Have you ever heard the story of how MoveOn started? In 1998, when Newt Gingrich and the Republicans in Congress were focusing all of their efforts on impeaching President Clinton over a sex scandal, we started a simple online petition: “Censure President Clinton and Move On to Pressing Issues Facing the Nation.”

We had no past political experience, but we felt passionately about our message and shared the petition with as many of our friends as we could think of. Within days, the petition went viral, and we had hundreds of thousands of signatures. And from the list of people who signed that original petition grew—an organization of well over 5 million members and a powerful progressive force in American politics.

Because we’ve seen firsthand how regular people can make a difference, we’re thrilled that MoveOn has launched a new website called where anyone can start their own online petitions. You can create a petition in minutes, and MoveOn will even send the most popular petitions to other MoveOn members to help build support for your cause.

Click here to start your own petition on right now.