Primary | CD2 Democratic Candidates for US House

Samuel KoepnickSamuel Koepnick

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Samuel Koepnick is a Reno-based information technology specialist for the state who is running for Congress pledging to accept no more than $5 donations.

He says: “Money is not speech and corporations are not people.”

With his education and occupation in technology, Koepnick said he believes smarter use of technology can help everything from the unemployment rate to education and gas prices.

He does not support the President’s signature health care law, saying he favors a more rigorous approach that sets a base level of subsidized care for all.

Xio RodriguezXio Rodriguez

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Xiomara Rodriguez is a retired Coast Guard recruiter and special agent who is making her second bid for office.

Rodriguez, who was born in Puerto Rico, was a national delegate for Barack Obama four years ago.

She’s tired of what she sees from the current Congressman in District 2.

“Our cry for this election needs to be “Enough is Enough.” enough of the stagnant actions of our Congress. It is time to start moving this country forward.”

Specifically, she supports taxing the 1 percent and exploring green jobs and alternative energy in Nevada.

Rodriguez is also concerned about the “war on women” and pledges to stand up for access to health care. Supporters and endorsements include: Planned Parenthood.

Endorsements and Supporters include: Emerge Nevada, Pro-Rating Planned Parenthood

Sam DehneSam Dehne

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Sam Dehne is a retired Air Force officer who has an avid love of flying planes equal only to his avid criticism of Reno-area politics and media.

Dehne is making yet another bid for office this year again for the congressional seat.

He claims he lost the primary election last cycle because “the cowards rigged Sam’s vote count.”

He offers no information on issues.