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Shelley BerkleyShelley Berkley

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Shelley Berkley has had a lengthy career in the House of Representatives and a safe Democratic seat for years. This statewide race is a new arena for her, but it’s also a critical component for control of the Senate — and Harry Reid’s job as majority leader.

Berkley said she’s running: “to create jobs in Nevada, protect Medicare, build clean energy infrastructure, and make sure we keep promises made to our veterans.”

To that end, Berkley has voted twice against the dangerous Ryan budget that would end Social Security and Medicare as we know it.

She’s stridently pro-Israel, pro-choice and a generally reliable vote on the types of bills that pass for reform in Washington these days — health care reform, Wall Street reform.

Berkley can still fire up the base, joking as she did at the Clark County Democratic convention, that when she took a road trip as a kid, at least the dog rode inside the car.

She also understands constituent service. Her district office has become a go-to for Nevada’s unemployed and those facing foreclosure. It’s not just lip service. This woman works her patriotic heels off. Her schedule is unfathomable — even for the caffeine-addled.

Berkley talks and talk and usually walks the walk with her votes.

Her top three issues are jobs, jobs, jobs. Green jobs. Re-training. Tools. You name it and she’ll try it.

In the House, Berkley successfully fought to bring a new clean energy transmission line connecting White Pine and Clark counties to attract renewable energy companies to the state.

Supporters and endorsements include: Planned Parenthood and Nevada AFL-CIO.

Endorsements and Supporters include: NSEAAFL-CIO, Pro-Rating Planned Parenthood

Steve BrownSteve Brown

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Steve Brown could just as easily pass for a Ron Paul delegate. He served in the U.S. Army in West Germany in the 1970s’ in the Nevada National Guard and U.S. Navy Reserve in the 1980s.

Brown is a former casino dealer and had his own masonry business.

“Despite the fact that America is over 14 trillion dollars in debt, and is adding over a trillion dollars more in debt each year, none of the incumbent politicians or presidential candidates has anything resembling an actual plan to stop the borrowing,” Brown says.

Barry EllsworthBarry Ellsworth

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Barry Ellsworth said he decided to run for the Senate because he’s fed up with Washington and thinks Congress should be fired.

He is the founder and former CEO and chairman of Green Plains Renewable Energy, an ethanol producer which employs more than 640 people.

“In 1999, my opponent, Congresswoman Shelley Berkley, and her friends in Congress passed a bill known as Gramm Leach Bliley,” Ellsworth says. “That bill destroyed some of the most important financial protections that the Glass Steagall Acts of 1932 and 1933 had provided to the citizens of this country.”

Ellsworth said Congressional actions like that enabled Wall Street and other large corporations to push the nation into economic meltdown. It is still debatable what impact the repeal had on the crisis. Ellsworth would reinstate Glass Steagall, repeal the Bush tax cuts, and stop foreclosure processes until you reduce principal by 50 percent. Obviously, this would screw with the banks.

“If they’re too big to fail, they’re too big to exist,” Ellsworth said.

Ellsworth said he would have voted against the Affordable Care Act because “all it does is force everybody to buy insurance from the three health care companies. He points out that United Health Care’s CEO took in $109 million in 2009.

If elected, Ellsworth said he also would build 25 square miles of solar panels in the Mojave Desert. He also vows to protect and restore the middle class, through a series of proposals found on his website.

Louis MaciasLouis Macias

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Louis Macias counts a 1970s stint as a Ted Kennedy intern as his experience for this race.

Somebody forgot to tell Macias that you shouldn’t kill the party-backed nominee with an attack from the right in a primary.

Macias rails against the front-runner for her support of Israel and for landing in a House Ethics Probe. Macias said he does not think Berkley can beat Sen. Dean Heller in a general election match-up, but that he can, solely because he is Hispanic.

“Help me win the Primary to send as message that we will not be tricked into an unnecessary and unconstitutional war in the Middle East,” Macias says.

Nancy PriceNancy Price

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Nancy Price ran for Congress two years ago and has since tried to become the Occupy Movement’s candidate. (That said, the Occupy Movement does not have candidates).

She was unable to put “Occupy” as her middle name on the ballot, but is messaging the Occupy language as she runs for the nomination.

Price argues to end political corruption, voter suppression, illegal war and torture and wants jail for Wall Street fraud. All laudable.

She is a former University Regent and has belonged to many political parties over the years. She considers herself a “disillusioned Democrat” concerned about the military industrial complex and tax breaks for corporations.

Price has a pro-choice rating from Planned Parenthood..