Introducing DemocratVoices.Org

While we Democrats face towering challenges in 2012, like new suppressive voter ID laws and ‘Citizens United’, it is with great pride that we unveil to you our efforts to help rally enthusiasm and support for our Democratic ideals and candidates. Introducing, “Radio built from Facts“, a free, 24/7 streaming radio station. We feature inspirational clips from the historic titans of our party, while showcasing the voices of our Democrats in Congress, and President Obama, as they represent our pro-community beliefs in today’s policy debates.

We welcome and encourage your feedback on our new radio station. Anything we can do to make continued improvements simply helps to spotlight the message of Democrats at a crucial time for our nation. We are extremely proud to have created this ‘new-media’ space, where Democrats have never sounded better!

Your fellow Democrat,

Brian Robinson
Program Manager