Story of Stuff Takes On Citizen’s United

Send an email, make a phone call, or send a tweet asking your members of Congress to get behind #HJRes29 to get it promoted out of committee and passed by Congress so it can be ratified by the States!

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One thought on “Story of Stuff Takes On Citizen’s United

  1. citizensfortruth 2013-02-17 / 12:03

    There is something that can be done right now that will lessen some of the effects of the Citizens United decision. The SEC is considering a new rule requiring corporations to disclose all political spending to their shareholders. This will cause corporations to think twice before spending shareholders’ money for political purposes.

    We discussed this particular problem in a recent post on our blog, called “Citizens United – Part 2” (see above under related posts). There was a link at the very end of that article that took you to a form letter that you could sign asking the SEC to implement this proposed rule.

    Thank you for your work in this area. We must educate as many people as possible as to the harmful effects of the Citizens United decision in order to make change happen.

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