Ready? Set? …… Punt!

— from Brian Fadie,  ProgressNow-Nevada

This week we’re talking about last week. That’s when the legislature did what it does best when faced with a politically tough decision: nothing.

Carson City lawmakers had 40 days to either accept or reject The Education Initiative – the tax reform plan brought before legislators after almost 150,000 Nevadans signed on – and in the end they did neither.

Now the initiative will be placed on the ballot in 2014 for the people to decide.

So what is The Education Initiative? 

It’s a tax reform plan that would finally make big box stores and corporations pay their fair share to help fund our education system. A 2% tax would be levied on businesses that have revenue of over $1 million, generating an estimated $800 million for K-12 education in Nevada.

Nevada’s schools are not just an education issue; they’re an economic issue.

We’re never going to attract high-paying new industries if we don’t have a well-trained workforce. And high dropout rates end up costing the state huge sums in the long run (one study estimated each dropout costs $60,000 over their lifetime) for the additional services and other interactions with state agencies.

Again, because the legislature failed to act we know The Education Initiative will be on the ballot in 2014. That means the campaign to help it pass has already begun.

Lear more about The Education Initiative with TEI Fact Sheet.

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