“The Stench Of Sulfur”: It’s Time To Call A Satan A Satan


I do not lead a partisan organization, but I do lead a faith-rooted organization that has a long history of speaking out on matters of public concern.

Here is why speaking out rather bluntly at this time seems necessary to me: Unless I have misread or misheard the news lately, the GOP majority in the House of Representatives holds roughly these positions on key issues:

Immigration Reform: No bill, or else a bill with no path to citizenship.

Farm Bill: Subsidies for fat-cat Agribusiness operators but no renewal of food assistance for the urban poor—which has long been the traditional rural-urban tradeoff in enacting compromise farm bills.

Student Debt: Let the financial markets decide, and we are not concerned with the actual devastating burden laid upon the future workforce. (In fairness, here the Wall Street Democrats are also a big problem.)

Universal Health Care: Hell no! Just repeal the damned…

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