More #PPACA Red Herrings: Renewals and Benefits

Did You Check First?

The brouhaha over “keeping the plans you like” and “forcing healthy young men to buy policies with maternity benefits” are simply the latest examples of political red herrings being used by the GOP and detractors of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in an attempt to dupe Americans about the facts.

FACT: If you received a cancellation notice from your insurance company, that was their decision, not the federal government’s decision, even when it came to health insurance plans that didn’t meet PPACA minimum standards.

FACT: The Essential Health Benefits codified into the PPACA define the minimum standards for health insurance and just as with today’s employer-provided health insurance plans, the PPACA’s EHBs include some health care services some of us may not want or ever need.

Maybe we can understand the facts better by asking a few questions.

Who Actually Cancelled Your Policy and Why Did They Do…

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