Democratic Candidate for Gov, Chris Hyepock, Seeking Donations

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Chris HyepockMy name is Chris Hyepock and I am a working class family man that has announced my candidacy for governor of Nevada.  I along with many others feel like the government has lost focus on what they get elected to do, which is to put the people first.  The government instead has put special interest groups, big corporations, and lobbyists first.

I love the state of Nevada and I know the potential that it has.  If we keep electing the same type of people, we will never witness that.  Nevada leads the nation in all the bad categories and is at the bottom of every good category.  This is not by accident, this is from bad management from the top.  It is time to allow a common sense guy to come in and do the job.  I will always present the absolute best to the people of Nevada.  I will surround myself with people that are as dedicated as I am to better Nevada and will work across the aisle to do just that.

Unfortunately the way the system is setup money is needed to run successfully.  I want to fund my campaign through reaching out to the grass roots.  I believe that there are many people just like me out there trying to make a difference, those that believe that it is time for a common man that is not out of touch to reality.

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