TAKE ACTION! Don’t Soil Laws That Clean Up Toxics

Rusty fuel and chemical drums on the Arctic coast. (Vladimir Melnik / Shutterstock)

It’s a lesson we learned in kindergarten: if you make a mess, you should clean it up. But, when it comes to the polluted messes of our air, land and water, some members of Congress seem to have forgotten how important this lesson can be.

The House of Representatives is planning to vote on a bill that would delay cleanup at hazardous waste sites and eviscerate the nation’s Superfund law.  They’ll vote very soon on H.R. 2279 [summary], a bill that would gut the laws that require companies to clean up their toxic messes. The bill would delay cleanup at hazardous waste sites, prevent the EPA from cleaning up sites quickly and limit efforts to make toxic industries safer. It would eviscerate the nation’s Superfund law, which over the past three decades has allowed the EPA and other agencies to identify and clean up thousands of polluted hazardous waste sites across the country.

One in four Americans live within three miles of a hazardous waste site. We see these sites on our way to work, and pass them as we pick up our children from school or head to the local grocery store. Companies that make a toxic mess in our communities should be required to clean it up; not leave it for neighbors and taxpayers to deal with.

Tell your Representative to vote no on H.R. 2279. Remind them that when you make a mess, you should clean it up. Or, call your member of Congress today and tell them to vote NO on H.R. 2279. Dial the Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121 and ask to be connected to your Congressional Representative

Contact information for Nevada’s Representatives:

Representative Dina Titus (CD1) Twitter
202-225-5965 (DC) / 702-220-9823 (LV)

Representative Mark Amodei (CD2) Twitter
202-225-6155 / 775-686-5760

Representative Joe Heck (CD3) Twitter
202-225-3252 / 702-387-4941

Representative Steven Horsford (CD4) Twitter
202-225-9894 / 702-802-4500