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World Bank Diary, Day 3


Friday, April 11, 2014: Today, at 11:00 am, we presented our second policy session at the World Bank Civil Society Forum. The session was an intimate seminar discussion designed to introduce a draft whitepaper outlining a 2-step global climate solution. We focused on implementing a carbon price first, to transform national and regional energy economies, then on creating a more effective (due to carbon pricing) mechanism for funding needed climate response and deployment of new technologies.

It was fun to have our Climate Ride / World Bank team together again, specifically:

  • Sieren Ernst—Principal, Ethics and Environment; CCL DC Co-Leader
  • Erica Flock—Online Manager, EarthShare; CCL DC Co-Leader
  • Daniel Richter, PhD—Legislative & Science Director, Citizens Climate Lobby
  • Joseph Robertson—Strategic Coordinator, Citizens Climate Lobby

The room was close, and flush with intellectual curiosity. We had a great group of participants who paid attention and…

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