Who is Robert Goodman?


In Tuesday’s Primary Election, Robert Goodman won as the Democratic contender opposing Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval in the general election.  He won only because “None of these Candidates” isn’t capable of running, even though receiving nearly 30% of the vote.

No one know’s much about  Goodman and he remains quite the mystery.

He gathered 17,950 votes, or 24.7 percent of the total democratic votes for governor, but that’s the most consequential information we truly know about the man.  He purportedly lives in Clark County, but he’s not a member of the Clark County Democratic Central Committee and has not participated in any of their events.

I’ve only lived in Nevada since 2006, do I don’t have a wealth of Nevada history in my back pocket, but on his website, he claims to have served as Governor Mike O’Callaghan’s (Democratic Governor—>1971-79) Economic Development Director, creating thousands of jobs outside of the state’s gaming industry.  His website also touts all his ties to Asia and how he believes he can capitalize on work already done by our current Lt. Governor to bring jobs and tourists from Asia to Nevada.

In an interview earlier this year, Goodman said he lived in the Philippines, where he had business. But in election filings, he lists a Las Vegas residence, where he says he has lived for a year and that he previously lived in Nevada for 42 years. And, the Las Vegas telephone number that he listed on his filing rings into a recorded message which announced that “this phone does not accept incoming calls.”

Most disturbing or eyebrow raising, depending on your perspective, is that in perusing his financial disclosure statements on file with the Secretary of State’s Office, he reported no income or property. He also reported he has no creditors and that he did not receive any campaign contributions.

So who is he really?  What does he stand for in areas other than just economic development?  Hopefully we’ll soon find out as the general campaign season erupts with activity.