Violence Leaves Home: Active Shooting Incidents and Domestic Violence

A great post from the Desert Beacon regarding NRA Ammosexual logic …

Desert Beacon

The report (pdf) from a joint FBI/Texas State University doesn’t have much good news for the absolutists of the National Rifle Association. The study analyzed shooting incidents in the United States over the past 13 years and reported the following resolutions to the incidents.

The Violence

In 37 (23.1%) of the 160 active shooting incidents the shooter committed suicide at the scene before police arrived. In 21 (13.1%) of the incidents an unarmed citizen successfully restrained the shooter. In 2 of the incidents (1.3%) armed off-duty law enforcement personnel ended the threat. In 5 of the incidents armed non-law enforcement citizens ended the shootings in which 3 shooters were killed, 1 committed suicide, and 1 was wounded. For all the noise about arming everyone to the gunwales, only 5 of the 160 incidents ended because of armed citizen intervention. No doubt the NRA ammosexuals would argue that if More Citizens…

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