ADVOCACY ALERT: Ask the Senate Committee on Legislative Operations to Vote “NO” on SJR 1

The Senate Committee on Legislative Operations will hear Senate Joint Resolution 1 on Monday, March 2nd at 3:30 pm.  This is a crucial moment, when grassroots action can make an enormous difference.  We need to let the committee members know how strongly Nevadans feel about this issue. Please email the members of the Senate Committee on Legislative Operations and ask them to vote No on SJR 1.

What Does SJR 1 Do?

SJR 1 is a resolution asking Congress to transfer the vast majority of public lands into state and private control. These lands are currently managed by the Bureau of Land Management and the US Forest Service, and contain many high-quality recreation areas and critical wildlife habitat.

What Are the Possible Impacts?

Currently, the federal government loses nearly $100 million dollars per year on average managing public land in Nevada. This is a cost that our state government is in no position to bear. A likely result would be massive sales of our lands into private hands, cutting off access and allowing some of our best places to be developed.

Four Ways to Take Action Now

  • Click on the “TAKE ACTION” button below to email the five members of the Senate Committee on Legislative Operations and ask them to keep public lands in public hands and to vote against SJR 1.


  • Attend the hearing on March 2nd at 3:30 pm
    • Carson City – 401 S. Carson Street – Room 2144
    • Las Vegas – 555 E. Washington Avenue – Room 4412E
    • Elko – 1500 College Parkway – Modular Conference Room, Chilton Circle

Do you use public lands across Nevada for recreation or hunting?  Do you want to continue to be able to use those public lands as you have in the past? Do you want your taxes to go up to fight range fires across Public Lands in Nevada? Do you want the Governor to decide to whom or to what Corporations to sell off our Public Lands?  Do you want to be restricted from being able to use Public lands you’ve always used just because the State sold it off for a song to some Corporation to pay for their latest great idea? Or, do you want to be forced into “paying to play/hunt” on what used to be public lands you’ve been able to access without charge?  Make up your mind and then, make YOUR voice Heard!!! — Please RSVP for the Rally and/or Hearing to