Do You Finally Have Health Insurance?

GustavsonThanks to the Affordable Care Act, many Americans, including 74,000 Nevadans, now have the opportunity to purchase affordable, quality healthcare policies for themselves and their families.  But, our district’s GOP representative in the Nevada Senate, Sen. Don Gustavson, spurred into action by none other than Sharron Angle, wants to reverse that and revoke any possibility to obtain quality, affordable health insurance by prohibiting any health exchange from operating in Nevada.

The Senate Commerce, Labor and Energy Committee held a hearing Monday to review SJR14, sponsored by Sen. Don Gustavson.  That bill proposes an amendment to the Nevada constitution to ban insurance exchanges. An Assembly committee held a hearing later in the day to discuss AB368, a measure sponsored by Assemblyman Brent Jones that also seeks to abolish the exchange, but through statute as opposed to the constitution.

It’s time to call, email and/or tweet your disdain and disgust to Mr. Gustavson:

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