State Senator Ruben Kihuen’s Statement on Govenor Scott Walker’s Attack on Worker’s Rights

Ruben Kihuen, State Senator and Candidate for U.S. Congress in Nevada’s 4th District, released the following statement regarding Governor Scott Walker’s plan attacking worker’s rights released today in Las Vegas:

“Governor Walker’s assault on worker’s rights as an attempt to jump start his failing Presidential campaign is just a sad attempt to pander to the Tea Party instead of offering real solutions. He may earn the support of people like my opponent Congressman Hardy who think unions are ‘somewhere between a mob and a gang’ while he attacks labor in Las Vegas today but he will only underscore with voters just how wrong his ideas are for America. We need leaders in Congress and the White House who will fight on behalf of working families, not against them.”

State Senator Ruben Kihuen is running as a Democrat in Nevada’s 4th Congressional District. Ruben has a proven record of real results for working families. Born in Mexico, Ruben and his family immigrated to the United States in search of a better life. He worked his way through college and after graduation was inspired to “pay it forward” by working with other students at College of Southern Nevada. In the legislature, Ruben helped craft landmark bi-partisan bills increasing funding for our schools and making college more affordable, and he beat back a reckless Republican agenda attempting to dismantle worker’s rights, restrict women’s health care and repeal LGBTQ protections. Ruben is running for Congress to ensure everyone has a fair shot at the American Dream.

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