It’s Well Passed the Time to Build a Political Pipeline

I picked up the list of candidates who filed to run for political office and was disappointed to see that only five Democrats chose to stand up and put their name on the ballot for elective office.  If we truly want to turn Nevada Blue, the we need to begin building a “political pipeline” of folks who’ve run a campaign, who’ve served in elective office and who’ve begun to build a bit of local name recognition.  The filling period for City offices hasn’t opened yet, the the filing period for county offices opened and has now closed.

Here are the names of those who filed to run for the various county offices:

County Commissioner

  • Kevin Chatfield — Seat A
  • Marlene Brissenden — Seat A
  • Mike Bell — Seat B
  • Denise K Dolphin —Seat B
  • Ken Tipton — Seat D

Hospital District Board Trustee

  • Earnest Fortmann — Seat A
  • Jennifer Hood — Seat A
  • Jodie M Bains — Seat C
  • JoAnn Casalez — Seat C
  • Joel Murphy — Seat C
  • Lewis W Trout — Seat C
  • William ‘Bill’ Hammergren — Seat D
  • Barbara Jacobsen — Seat D
  • Sabrina Lecumberry-Uhlmann — Seat D

School District Board Trustee

  • Boyd Betteridge — Seat C
  • Bruce L. Braginton — Seat D
  • Brenda Olson — Seat E
  • Carrie D Stringham — Seat E

Golconda Fire Department

  • Chris R Carter — Seat C
  • Kate Hardy — Seat C
  • Crystal Yarnell — Seat E

Winnemucca Rural Fire District

  • Stan Cowley — Seat A
  • Virginia ‘Ginx’ Viegut — Seat C

Paradise Valley Fire District

  • Daniel Ferraro — Seat C

These candidates have two weeks from close of filing to withdraw should they change their minds.