Notice of Primary Early Voting Schedule

The Humboldt County Clerk’s Office located on the second floor of the Humboldt County Courthouse, 50 w 5th St. Winnemucca, NV will be open for the purpose of allowing registered voters in Humboldt County to vote early on the following dates:



The Clerk’s Office will be the permanent poling place for Early Voting for ALL precincts (other than designated mailing precincts) in Humboldt County.  Please note that the Clerk’s Office will not be open for Early Voting on the Memorial Day Holiday.  If you have any questions regarding early voting, please contact the Humboldt County Clerk’s Office at (775) 623-6343.

Tami Rae Spero, Humboldt County Clerk and Ex-Ofcicio Registrar of Voters

[This notice was/will be published in the Humboldt Sun on May 20th, May 24th, June 3rd and June 7th, 2016]

Note:  Registration for the primary election will close tomorrow May 24th.  In addition to normal working hours, the Office of the County Clerk will be open for the purpose of registering people to vote today Monday, May 23rd and Tuesday, May 24th from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm.


2 thoughts on “Notice of Primary Early Voting Schedule

    • vickielrock 2016-05-23 / 13:44

      This is a primary election, a partisan election and as such you would vote for folks in races in which you are a partisan. plus any non-partisan races (e.g., hospital board, school board). A generic ballot wouldn’t be appropriate as a generic would, I assume, need to list all candidates in all partisan races on a single ballot.

      Absentee ballots must be requested from the County Clerk’s office and such requests must be made by NLT June 7th, although they may accommodate requests later than the 7th. Keep in mind, that ALL absentee ballots MUST be received back by the County Clerk by absolutely NO LATER THAN 7PM on JUNE 14th. Those county residents who reside in “mail-in” precincts would not need to request an absentee ballot as they would already receive a ballot in the mail to mail back.

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