Mock Caucus Script

1. Welcome from the NSDP. My name is _______________ and I’m a Presidential Caucus
Organizer for the NSDP.
We thank you all for coming today. For those of you already signed up as Temporary Chairs thank you for taking the next step in the process and for those of you who haven’t yet signed up we hope today provides some insight into what the actual caucuses will be like on February 20th. We have a lot of work to do in the coming months and we will need a lot of volunteers on the ground, day of at these caucuses.  Precinct caucuses will be held at over 2000 locations across the state and they will be very similar to this mock caucus we are about to conduct.
I’m going to ask that all questions be held until the end of the mock caucus. Our NSDP organizers are here today and they will pass out paper if you need to take notes and if you want to jot down questions so that you can ask it at the end if it was not answered though out the training
Now we’re going to run the mock caucus as it will be run on caucus day
Okay let’s get started – its 11:30am on Caucus Day!
2. Welcome! My name is ________________ and I’m the Temporary Chair for this precinct.  This is precinct ________ and we have _____ Delegates to elect today. I know this information because it is written on my precinct packet provided to me by the Nevada State Democratic Party.
3. First I want to tell you a little bit about how I got here.
Prior to Caucus Day:
I signed up as a Temporary Chair with the NSDP
I attended Temporary Chair Trainings prior to Caucus Day
I registered new voters and spread the word in my community about the caucus process
I picked up my Caucus Packet at the NDSP HQ prior to Caucus Day
4. Now I would like to CALL CAUCUS TO ORDER!
Caucuses may not be called to order before 11:30am
I’m going to ask that our sign in volunteers ___________________(name) mark the end of the line and pass out cards to anyone who would theoretically still be in line at this point. Anyone who arrives after 12:00 will have to observe in the space for observers.
5. Now I’m going to explain the primary purpose of the caucus. The primary purpose of the caucus for democrats from your neighborhood can get together to put in their preference for who they would like the 2016 Democratic Presidential nominee to be. Think of this like a neighborhood meeting.
6. At this point in the caucus I would read selected letters provided in the caucus packet … (these letters will be from Elected Officials – President Obama, Senator Reid and our Chairwoman, Roberta Lange)
Now it is time to elect the Permanent Chair and Permanent Secretary. This has to happen before any official business is conducted. This is a procedural component of the caucus process.
Hello and welcome to the 2016 democratic precinct caucuses. Before any official business is conducted at this caucus, the caucus as a whole must elect permanent officers. These officers include a permanent chair and a permanent secretary. I am a temporary precinct chair who was recruited and trained by the Nevada State Democratic Party to run this caucus. I would like to nominate myself as permanent chair, are there any other nominations? Great, well….
All those in favor of electing me, _____________, as permanent precinct chair, please signify by saying “aye”, any apposed please say “nay”.
8. Now it’s time to elect a Permanent Secretary. (This is not mandatory, but as the Permanent Chair I would like to elect a Secretary to assist me with the caucus process).
Do I hear any nominations from the floor for the position of permanent secretary? I’d
like to nominate __________________________ as the permanent secretary.
All those in Favor of electing _______________ as the Permanent Secretary as the
Permanent Secretary, please signify by saying “aye”.
All those opposed?
Great, now that we have a permanent chair and secretary and its Noon (caucus time) I can
announce the number needed for viability.
Viability is the minimum number each preference group must have in each group to
move on to the next step in the process
Viability is based on the number of delegates allotted to each precinct and the
number of total caucus attendees.
For this Caucus we have 4 Preference Groups
Kermit the Frog
Miss Piggy
Fozzie Bear
The number needed for a preference group to be viable is ____________
We found this number by counting the number of caucus attendees and then using
this poster provided to me by the NSDP to determine viability
10. Now that we know the number needed for Viability, it’s the time to join our presidential preference groups. Before we start I would like to remind every one that: “All public meetings at all levels of the Democratic Party in Nevada shall be open to all members of the Democratic Party regardless of race, sex, age, color, creed, national origin, religion, ethnic identity, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, economic status, philosophical persuasion or physical disability.”
At this point……… I will give every one 15 minutes to align themselves with their presidential
preference. Please go and stand in the preference group of your choice. We have posters
around the room for where each group should caucus together.
12. Now that everyone is in their preference groups I will announce which groups are viable and
which are not. (count each group member and announce whether they are viable or not)
At this point we will have to have a second alignment, during this time the folks that were in
non-viable groups may realign with a viable one. You will have 15 minutes to do so. People
who are already aligned with a viable group will be unable to change groups.
14. If I could please have one representative from each campaign come up and give a brief 1
minute response as to why they should align with your candidate, we will then begin the
second alignment.
Thank you for your responses. Now let the second alignment begin.
Caucus to order! I will now count off the preference group’s total numbers and award
delegates to each, based on how many supporters are in each group.
Bernie Sanders Preference group has _________ supporters
Hillary Clinton Preference group has _________ supporters
Bernie Sanders Preference group will receive ________ delegates
Hillary Clinton Preference group will receive ________ delegates
Now that we have awarded each group their delegates, each preference group will elect the
delegates they would like to send to the county convention. Before we do so I would like to
read another statement before we proceed:
“Discrimination in the conduct of Democratic Party affairs on the basis of sex, race, age, color, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, physical disability or economic status is prohibited. In order to encourage full participation by all Democrats in the delegate selection process and in all Party business, diversity programs shall be implemented with particular concern for minority groups as defined in the Democratic National Committee Charter.”
17. Now I want to take a minute to explain the role of a delegate to the County Convention:
Delegates to the County Convention attend the all-day convention on Saturday, April
2nd, 2016 and vote on a variety of party matters including, but not limited to: the
county party platform, members to the county central committee, delegates to the
state convention, etc. If you wish to run as a National Delegate to attend the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia next summer; you must be elected as a delegate to the county convention and from there to the state convention.
18. Now our Caucus shall take nominations for the position of county convention delegate.
You are allowed to nominate any one from within our precinct to be delegate to the county
convention, even if they are not present. However if you would like to run to be a national
delegate you must be here in attendance today. Please proceed in electing the delegates
amongst yourselves and when you are done I will come around and collect your delegate
forms and report the results back to the Nevada State Democratic Party.
Please note that we should….
Try to elect equal number of men and women.
You can have as many alternates as you want.
To run for national Delegate you must be elected at this precinct caucus.
Immediately after ratification, I will follow the instructions of the Nevada State
Democratic Party on their credential to report the results.
I’d like to make Resolution forms to the county party central platform committee
These forms are for people wishing to submit a resolution to be considered by
the platform committee.
I’d like to make a last call for resolutions.
Is there any other business anyone wishes to bring up? Announcements?
22. Hearing no further business, this caucus is now adjourned. Thank you all for coming.