NV Legislative Cmtee Meetings — 2013/03/06

8:00 AM – Joint Meeting of the Assembly Committee on Ways and Means and Senate Committee on Finance (Carson City/Las Vegas) Budget Hearings
8:00 AM – Assembly Committee on Judiciary Meeting (Carson City/Las Vegas)

  • A.B. 133 Prohibits the use of strip search or visual body cavity search on some juveniles and persons arrested for certain misdemeanor offenses, stipulates requirement for privacy and same-gender officer to conduct such searches, and requires written authorization from supervising officer on duty in cases where strip search or visual body cavity search is to be conducted.
  • A.B. 174 Requires child welfare services that have taken a child into protective custody to file a petition for protection within 10 days after the hearing on protective custody or recommend against further action or file a motion to determine whether it is in the best interest of the child to return the child to the person responsible for the welfare of the child pending further action by the court. This bill further provides for notice of the hearing to a parent or other person responsible for the welfare of the child.
8:00 AM – Assembly Committee on Government Affairs Meeting (Carson City/Las Vegas)

  • A.B. 103 Changes category of school police officers from category II to category I, giving them unrestricted duties and jurisdiction.
9:00 AM – Senate Judiciary Committee Meeting (Carson City/Las Vegas)

  • S.B. 75 Provides that a person who suffers injuries as a result of an addiction to a prescription drug may bring a civil action against: (1) the manufacturer of the prescription drug; and (2) the provider of medical care who prescribed the prescription drug, if the provider of medical care knew or should have known of the person’s addiction to the prescription drug.
  • S.B. 111 Requires a person who owns or controls the premises on which an injury or death allegedly occurred to produce copies, if any, of any visual evidence of the incident giving rise to a claim for personal injury or death when such visual evidence is requested in writing by a claimant or a claimant’s attorney except in certain circumstances.
  • S.B. 169 Revises criminal penalties for crimes that are gross misdemeanors and reduces the number of years a convicted individual may petition the court for the sealing of all records from seven to two.
1:30 PM – Assembly Committee on Commerce and Labor (Carson City/Las Vegas)

  • A.B. 12 Removes the requirement that an employee notify his/her employer prior to filing a complaint with the Division of Industrial Relations of the Department of Business and Industry against employer.
  • A.B. 23 expands the definition of “provider of services” relating to the sale, installation and occupancy of manufactured homes to include any person who performs work pertinent to the sale, installation and occupancy of a manufactured home, regardless of whether the manufactured home is new or used.
  • A.B. 72 Adds a veterinary technician to the Nevada State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners, increasing the membership of the Board from seven members to eight members and changing the quorum number from four to five.
  • A.B. 83 Limits same-day funding of escrow accounts to deposits made by certified check drawn from a financial institution authorized to do business in Nevada.
  • A.B. 153 Authorizes the licensing and operation of craft distilleries and sets fees for same.
  • A.B. 170 Changes the degree title of “advanced practice of nursing” to “advanced practice registered nurse,” pursuant to NRS 632.237.
1:30 PM – Assembly Committee on Health and Human Services Meeting (Carson City/Las Vegas) Overview of State of Nevada Food Security Plan

  • A.B. 126 Requires restaurants with 10 or more locations doing business within Nevada to disclose nutritional information about its menu items and provides a penalty for those who fail to make the required disclosure.
1:30 PM – Senate Committee on Commerce, Labor and Energy Meeting (Carson City/Las Vegas)

  • S.B. 126 Prohibits a pharmacy from dispensing a therapeutically equivalent drug (that is not the same as a biologically equivalent drug, aka “generic”) in place of a drug that is prescribed by a practitioner without first obtaining both the prescriber and the patient’s consent and provides penalties for same.
  • S.B. 196 Requires the landlord of a manufactured home park the duty to trim all the trees located within the park and to dispose of the trimmings from those trees at least once each calendar year absent voluntary assumption of that duty by a tenant.
  • S.B. 198 Provides that a chiropractor’s assistant may perform certain ancillary services under indirect supervision in certain circumstances; requires a chiropractic physician with one or more chiropractor’s assistants who perform services under indirect supervision to maintain liability insurance; and authorizes the Chiropractic Physicians’ Board of Nevada to adopt regulations governing employment and discipline of a  chiropractor’s assistant.
1:30 PM – Senate Committee on Government Affairs Meeting (Carson City/Las Vegas)

  • S.B. 144 Gives peace officers the right to review any administrative or investigative file before a hearing to investigate/interrogate charge(s) against him/her is conducted; may not be precluded from having a representative present; and may have two representatives present during any phase of an interview, interrogation or hearing related to the investigation.
  • S.B. 79 Repeals existing law authorizing an incorporated city from using net profits derived from municipal utilities owned and operated by certain incorporated cities for general municipal purposes.
2:00 PM – Nevada Youth Legislature meets (Carson City)
3:15 PM – Assembly Committee on Education Meeting (Carson City/Las Vegas)

  • A.B. 124 Provides that if a pupil violates the code of honor relating to cheating on three or more occasions while he or she is enrolled in a public high school in Nevada, the pupil shall not be eligible for the Kenny Guinn Millennium Scholarship.
  • A.B. 130 Changes definition of those the Board of Regents of the University of Nevada is required to pay for the educational fees and expenses of, to dependents of “public safety officers” killed in the line of duty.
3:30 PM – Senate Committee on Education Meeting (Carson City/Las Vegas)

  • S.B. 102 Changes the requirement that the Board of Trustees of the College Savings Plans of Nevada award one Kenny Guinn Millennium Scholarship per year to two scholarship awards: one for a student at UNR, Great Basin College or Sierra Nevada College and another to a student at UNLV or Nevada State College.
  • S.B. 58 Reverses existing limitations on distance education and allows students to enroll in distance education programs unless the pupil: (1) is not eligible for enrollment or the pupil’s enrollment is otherwise prohibited by specific statute; (2) fails to satisfy the conditions for enrollment established by the State Board of Education by regulation; or (3) fails to satisfy the requirements of the program itself.

Newsletter from the NV Secretary of State

Ross Miller, Nevada Secretary of State recently sent out the following email Greeting:


As Secretary of State, I’ve made it a priority to make as much information as possible available and accessible to Nevadans.  With that in mind, I’m pleased to invite you to view the Second Quarter, 2009 edition of the Quarterly Business Report from the Secretary of State’s office. Click here to review this quarter’s business report.

I hope you will find this information useful and look forward to this newsletter which is available on a quarterly basis.  You’ll receive email notification like this each time a new edition is posted online.

Please feel free to forward this business report on to colleagues or members of your organization.

Thank you,

Nevada Secretary of State

Click the above link if you’re interested in reading the 2nd Quarter, Quarterly Business Report.  Two articles of interest are the change in Primary Election date and the ability of military personnel to use electronic transmission in voting.

Candidate Filing Dates:  March 1-12, 2010
Primary Election Date:  Tuesday, June 8, 2010
General Election Date:   Tuesday, November 2, 2010  (Wrong date shown in Newsletter)