Meeting Minutes: 2009-02-11

The February 2009 meeting of the HCDCC was called to order by Chairman Don Rogers on February 11, 2009.  Nicki Schumacher stood in as acting Secretary/Treasurer in the excused absence of Vickie Rock.
Previous Mtg. Minutes:
The previous meeting’s minutes were presented and approved as written.  Moved by Roger Rock and Seconded by Lorainne Giurlani.
Treasurer’s Reports:
The Treasurer’s Report was presented and approved as presented.  Moved by Gordon Schumacher and Seconded by Roger Rock.
New Business — Dee Holzel asked if HCDCC would be interested in volunteering to provide one Tuesday a month the the Ministerial Assoc. Soup Lunch that is served through the month of June.  Discussion provided no clear volunteer that would take on the activity.  Dee will be serving next Tuesday, Feb. 17 from noon to 1 pm, and volunteers were requested to help.  Lorainne Giurlani and Patrick Henigan indicated that they would be there.
Gordon Schumacher brought up that the HCDCC should get the grass roots organization to send updates on how the Congresspersons and Senators are voting and what their records are, so that voters will have more information to make their votes on issues that will effect their lives. 
Old Business — Nicki Schumacher thanked the Democrats that have been providing food and serving at the Soup Kitchen.  They include Debbie Nelms, Brad Heese, Dee Holzel, John Feraday, Roger Rock, Holly James in the Dec. and Jan. efforts.  The next date for the Soup Kitchen will be Feb. 22, 2009.
Don Rogers presented the Democrats with a Certificate of Appreciation from the Nevada Outdoors School’s AmeriCorps Program for participaption in the 2009 cultural fair.  Don Rogers and Nicki Schumacher registered new voters at that event.
K.C. Harrison suggested that next meeting agenda should include discussion on getting canidates to run for Congressional and Senatorial office in the 2010 election.
Next meeting to be held on May 13th, 2009 at location to be announced.
Meeting adjourned at 7:50 pm. Moved by Don Rogers. Seconded by Nicki Schumacher.
Attending were:  Roger Rock, Gordon Schumacher, Nicki Schumacher, Patrick Henigen, Don Rogers, Dee Holzel, Micheal Micheals, Lorainne Giurlani, K.C. Harrison.

Meeting Minutes: 2008-03-20

The meeting was called to order at 6:15 PM by HCDCC Chairman, Don Rogers.

Meeting Agenda:

  • Call to Order
  • Approve Agenda
  • Approve last month’s meeting minutes
  • Approve financial statement for March
  • New Business:
    • Voter registration at Red Cross Health Fair on April 26 – Need Volunteers to work
    • Local Democratic campaigns?  Other events?
  • Old Business
  • Adjournment

AGENDA:  A motion was made to approve agenda made by Vickie Rock, seconded by Nicki Schumaker and unanimously approved by all in attendance.

PREVIOUS MINUTES:  2-13-08 Minutes were approved at a brief meeting held at Vickie Rock’s house just prior to the County Convention to assure that all planning-actions had been met.  No meeting minutes were taken at that meeting nor were any posted on the site.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Vickie Rock handed out copies and explained the treasurer’s report.  A motion to accept the Treasurer’s report was made by Nicki Schumacher, seconded by Gordon Schumacher, and unanimously approved by meeting attendees.


  1. Voter Registration Project at the Red Cross Health Fair, Saturday, April 26, 2008.  Nicki explained that we will be providing voter registration services at the Fair and will need volunteers for three time slots.  In registering new voters, it is important for volunteers to understand that they can make no comments as to candidates running for office and that we are registering ANY voter … not just Democratic voters.
    • 09:00-10:00 AM:  Nicki Schumacher
    • 10:00 -11:00 AM:  Don & Carolyn Rogers
    • 11:00 – 12:00 PM:  Volunteer still needed
  2. Meeting Calendar:  Members in attendance felt it might be a good idea to hold two meetings monthly (in an attempt to possibly energize more local Democrats).  Business meetings would be held on the 2nd Saturday of each month, and a social gathering would be held on Thursday evenings just prior to our Saturday business meeting.  Business meeting location was set as the back meeting room at RoundTable Pizza.  Location for the social gathering may float from location to location.
    • Next Business Meeting:  Saturday, April 12,  11:00AM-1:00 PM, RoundTable Pizza
    • Next Social Gathering: Thursday, April 10, 6:00-8:00 PM, RoundTable Pizza
    • Meeting attendees agreed they would attend the ‘Social Gathering’ and that they would bring one guest with them.
  3. Fund-raising:  Attendees at the meeting agreed that in order to be able to host events in the local community, some type of fund-raising activities will need to be undertaken.  Ideas tossed around at the meeting included the following items (though no activities were approved as yet to be undertaken):
    • Rummage/Yard Sale
    • Raffle of a patriotic lab quilt
    • Dinner with a candidate
  4. Democratic Mailings:  Gordon Schumacher brought a mailing that he’d received from the Democratic Party 2008 Victory Drive and asked if anyone in the room had received a similar mailing.  No one else had received one.  He asked that the HCDCC explore why ‘all’ Humboldt County Democrats didn’t receive the mailing.
  5. Potential 2008 Activities:  A short discussion was held to attempt to identify activities we could sponsor throughout 2008 to draw attention to our fledgling organization and at the same time support Democratic candidates standing for election.  While 4th of July and Hot August Nights  festivities were recognized as opportunities, no specific events we could host were identified at this time.
  6. Standing Committee Chairs:  Per the Bylaws approved at the County Convention, we need to elect individuals to serve as Chairs of 5 standing committees (descriptions of their duties appear in Section 16 of the Bylaws.  Anyone interested in serving as Chair of any of these committees is asked to please send an email to to express your interest:
    • Finance/Fund-raising
    • Program/Political Action
    • Membership/Candidate Recruitment
    • Publicity/Public Relations
    • Administration


ADJOURNMENT:  Vickie Rock made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Gordon Schumacher seconded the motion, and the meeting adjourned around 8:00pm.

ATTENDEES:  Don Rogers, Carolyn Rogers, Roger Rock, Vickie Rock, Sam Potter, Beatrice Asher, Patrick Henigin, Gordon Schumacher, Nicki Schumacher

Minutes: 2008-02-13

The meeting was called to order by Nicki Schumacher at 6 PM.

Vickie Rock read the minutes of the previous meeting.  Nancy Heredia moved the minutes be approved as read; Elaine Kochevar seconded the motion; motion passed.

Don Rogers reported on his trip to the State Central Committee Meeting that was held on 2-09-2008 in Parumph.  He talked about the business conducted at the meeting.  One notable item of business was the need for a state bylaw change that would require an executive board member to step down in the event they become a member of a suit against the Nevada Democratic Party.  (A member of the executive board was a party in the suit against the Democratic Party in the case of the special casino caucus sites which were not by precinct, but considered “at large”.)

Nicki Schumacher reported that she and Vickie Rock had gone to the bank to set up a checking account for the organization.  She and Vickie had each donated $20 which was used to set up the account.  Thus, our current treasury has only $40 from which we can draw.  Some form of fundraising would be needed.  It was decided that lunch would be sold at the Convention at a slight markup and a 50/50 raffle ($1 per ticket or 6/$5) would be conducted to help raise some money to help pay for organizational expenses.

Vickie Rock noted that she had:

  • Accessed the event calendar on the Democratic Party website to send out invitations to the County Convention to all delegates for whom she had email addresses. 
  • Set up a blog for our organization that can used for storing information such as meeting minutes, announcements, bylaws, event information, etc.
  • Adapted a set of bylaws for the HCDCC based on our adopted set of state bylaws and a set of local bylaws from the Douglas County organization.  This set of bylaws will be presented to the Convention body on 2-23-2008 for adoption.

Next on the agenda was an educational session led by Cindy Trigg who discussed the credentialing process for County Convention delegates, seating of delegates and alternates, and how to elect delegates to the State Convention.  While any County Democrat can attend the convention, only those democrats who attended the County Caucus can be seated as a Delegate or an Alternate.

The discussion then turned to planning the logistics for the County Convention:

  • Location: Sonoma Heights Elementary School, 1500 Melarkey St., Winnemucca
  • Pre-Registration for Delegates and Alternates: Friday, 2-22-2008, 4-7 pm
  • Convention: Saturday, 2-23-2008. Open at 8 AM for additional registration, Gavel at 10 AM
  • Anticipate up to 90 delegates and an undetermined number of alternates to attend
  • From those delegates, we need to elect 12 delegates to the state convention.
  • Need to elect “permanent” officers and Standing Chairs of the organization at the County Convention
  • Need to elect a “State Central Committee Person” who will be responsible for participating on the State Democratic Central Committee
  • Need to submit Bylaws for adoption at the County Convention
  • Need to submit Platform Resolutions from the floor as well as from the Caucuses to the Convention body for approval.  Approved Resolutions will be forwarded to the state organization for consideration at the State Convention.
  • Sandy Hammargren volunteered to head up the Convention Credentials Committee
  • Elaine Kochevar volunteered to head up the Convention Rules Committee
  • Don Rogers, Roger Rock, Vickie Rock, and Gordon Schumacher volunteered to help set up the convention site on Friday evening preceding the Convention
  • Carolyn Rogers volunteered to head up the Convention Registration Committee
  • Nancy Heredia will contact the High School to see if we can find volunteers from government classes or young democrat groups to help with the Saturday, Convention event.
  • Nicki will make phone calls to a number of democrats to help find some additional Friday evening set-up workers.
  • Pat Henigin will write an article for the Humboldt Sun and put up some posters around town indicating when and where the Democratic County Convention will be held.
  • Attendees of this meeting are to bring their coolers w/ice to Convention site for use in storing water/refreshments for attendees.

Still need:

  • Microphone for convention.  Nancy will talk to the Principle at Sonoma to see if they have a system we can use.  If not, we need to find someone who might have a karaoke microphone/amplifier that we could use.
  • Need to find people who might volunteer to donate water, juice, coffee, donuts, fruit, etc.
  • Need to find people (who are not delegates) who are willing to serve as “floor tellers” to count standing votes on the convention floor.
  • Need to find people who would be willing to assist with registration on Friday evening and/or on Saturday morning.
  • Need to find people who would be willing to assist Sandy with Credentials and Elaine with Rules.
  • Need to find a Resolutions Chair.

Agreed to hold regular meetings after the Convention on the 3rd Thursday of each month.  Location of those meetings have not yet been established.

Next planning meeting:  6 PM, Monday 2-18-2008 at Grammar School at Lay & 5th.   3094 Paiute St. Winnemucca

Meeting concluded at 8:35 PM

Attendees:  Carolyn Rogers, Don Rogers, Nicki Schumacher, Elaine Kochevar, Edward Kochevar, Sandy Hammargren, Cindy Trigg (Democratic Rural Organizer), Nancy Heredia, Pat Henigin, Roger Rock, Vickie Rock.