NV-SOS Denies Ballot Access to the Green Party Candidate

After review of the signatures on applications presented to the Clark County Registrar, it was determined that insufficient “valid” signatures were obtained in order to qualify Green Party candidate Jill Stein a spot on Nevada’s 2016 General Election Ballot.

That Clark County decision was appealed to the NV Secretary of State, Barbara Cegavske. After a review of the procedures used by Clark County, she affirmed Clark County’s results and denied the Green Party’s appeal pursuant to Nevada statute NRS 293.12795(3).

The Secretary of State hereby affirms the Certificate of Results of Signature Examination for the Nevada Green Party ballot access petition submitted by the Clark County Registrar of Voters on June 21, 2016. It is the finding of this office that the Nevada Green Party ballot access petition was properly verified by the Clark County Registrar of Voters in accordance with all applicable laws, regulations, and procedures.  Accordingly, the Appeal by the Nevada Green Party Contesting Clark County’s Verification of Signatures in Support of the Green Party’s Ballot Access Petition is denied. Pursuant to NRS 293.12795(1)(b), the Clark County Registrar of Voters will be notified that the petition at issue remains insufficient. This decision is final for purposes of judicial review, pursuant to NRS 293.12795(3).


Click here to read the full Denial of Appeal_Nevada Green Party.

NV Secretary of State’s Office Certifies Sufficiency of 3 Petitions

(Carson City, NV; July 12, 2016) – Nevada Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske, in her capacity as Nevada’s chief elections officer, today certified that the petitions returned for The Energy Choice Initiative, Medical Patient Tax Relief Act, and Referendum on Certain Provisions Related to Net Metering Set Forth in 2015 Statutes of Nevada, Chapter 379 are sufficient and will appear on the 2016 general election ballot. In addition, pursuant to NAC 293.090, Secretary of State Cegavske has designated the three petitions as Question Number 3, Question Number 4, and Question Number 5, respectively. A legal challenge against Question Number 5 (the net metering referendum) is still pending before the Nevada Supreme Court.

PetitionPetitioners were required to collect and submit 55,234 valid signatures from registered Nevada voters, including at least 13,809 signatures in each of the four petition districts, for each petition. Only registered voters of the county and petition district where the petition Initiats were circulated were qualified to sign the petitions. The breakdown of the signature examinations conducted by the local election officials can be found by clicking on the following links:

The text and status of various initiatives and referendum being proposed for the 2016 general election can be found in the “Election Center” of the Nevada Secretary of State’s website, www.nvsos.gov, or by clicking here.

The Nevada Secretary of State’s Office will now be appointing people to serve on ballot question committees and develop the arguments for and against all three ballot questions. These arguments, as well as other relevant information, will be printed in the sample ballots delivered to all registered voters before the general election on November 8, 2016.

Who is Robert Goodman?


In Tuesday’s Primary Election, Robert Goodman won as the Democratic contender opposing Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval in the general election.  He won only because “None of these Candidates” isn’t capable of running, even though receiving nearly 30% of the vote.

No one know’s much about  Goodman and he remains quite the mystery.

He gathered 17,950 votes, or 24.7 percent of the total democratic votes for governor, but that’s the most consequential information we truly know about the man.  He purportedly lives in Clark County, but he’s not a member of the Clark County Democratic Central Committee and has not participated in any of their events.

I’ve only lived in Nevada since 2006, do I don’t have a wealth of Nevada history in my back pocket, but on his website, he claims to have served as Governor Mike O’Callaghan’s (Democratic Governor—>1971-79) Economic Development Director, creating thousands of jobs outside of the state’s gaming industry.  His website also touts all his ties to Asia and how he believes he can capitalize on work already done by our current Lt. Governor to bring jobs and tourists from Asia to Nevada.

In an interview earlier this year, Goodman said he lived in the Philippines, where he had business. But in election filings, he lists a Las Vegas residence, where he says he has lived for a year and that he previously lived in Nevada for 42 years. And, the Las Vegas telephone number that he listed on his filing rings into a recorded message which announced that “this phone does not accept incoming calls.”

Most disturbing or eyebrow raising, depending on your perspective, is that in perusing his financial disclosure statements on file with the Secretary of State’s Office, he reported no income or property. He also reported he has no creditors and that he did not receive any campaign contributions.

So who is he really?  What does he stand for in areas other than just economic development?  Hopefully we’ll soon find out as the general campaign season erupts with activity.

Notice of Close of Voter Registration for Primary Election

vote18NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that registration for the PRIMARY ELECTION to be held on the 10th day of June 2014, will close on Tuesday the 20th day of May 2014.

If you are not currently registered in Humboldt County, you must register by May 9, 2014 (30 days prior to the election) to vote in the Primary Election.  Registering after that date will make you ineligible to vote in the Primary Election on June 10, 2014 unless you can show proof of your residency in Humboldt County for a period of thirty (30) days prior to the Primary Election, or as of May 9, 2014.  In which case, you may register by May 20, 2014, and be able to vote in the June 10, 2014 Primary Election.

Electors may register for the ensuing election by appearing before the County Clerk at her office by appearing before a Deputy Registrar, by sending in a “mail-in registration” in the manner provided by law or by registering online at the NV Secretary of State’s Website.

Beginning the 11th day of May 2014 through the 20th day of May 2014, a person may register only by appearing in person at the office of the County Clerk/Registrar or online at the Nevada Secretary of State’s website.

If you have had a name change, you need to re-register.  Also, if you have moved since registering, you need to contact the county Clerk’s Office to complete a change of address form.

In addition to normal working hours, the Office of the County Clerk will be open for the purposes of registering people to vote on Monday, May 19, 2014 and Tuesday, May 20, 2014, from 5:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m.

Should you have any questions regarding this Notice, you may contact the Humboldt County clerk’s Office at 623-6343 or by email at coclerk@hcnv.us

County Seal — /s/ Tami Rae Spero, Humboldt County Clerk and Ex-Officio Registrar of Voters

Secretary of State’s Office Accepting Nominations for Participatory Democracy Awards

(Carson City, NV; March 12, 2013) — Secretary of State Ross Miller today announced that the Advisory Committee on Participatory Democracy (ACPD) is now accepting nominations for two awards promoting participatory democracy in Nevada – the Jean Ford Democracy Award and the National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS) Medallion Award.

“It is with great pleasure that I ask Nevadans for their assistance in identifying and honoring deserving citizens who have a made a positive impact on the democratic process in the Silver State,” said Secretary Miller. “Many citizens have dedicated service to their communities that assisted in the outstanding level of voter participation we reached in the 2012 election.”

The Jean Ford Democracy Award, named in honor of former state assemblywoman and state senator Jean Ford, honors deserving citizens who have benefited their communities, state and nation through their participation and leadership in furthering the democratic process. The nominations recognize leaders in the following categories:

  • Educator (teacher or administrator any level K-16) 
  • Community Individual 
  • Elected and/or Government Employee (local or state)

The NASS Medallion Award allows individual Secretaries of State to recognize outstanding service and dedication to furthering the mission of the organization. The Medallion Award was created to honor individuals, groups or organizations with an established record of promoting the goals of NASS and consistent with the ACPD in the following areas:

  • Elections 
  • Civic engagement 
  • Service to the state government – specifically, as it relates to the duties of the office of the secretary of state 
  • Philanthropic contribution which has significantly enhanced the quality of life in a community or the entire state

Any citizen or organization in Nevada may nominate a Nevada resident for the Jean Ford Democracy Award and the NASS Medallion Award. Applications and criteria for the awards are available by calling the Secretary of State’s office at (702) 684-5705, or by clicking the hyperlinks for the Jean Ford Democracy Award nomination packet and the NASS Medallion Award nomination packet. Deadline for submission is 12 p.m. on Friday, April 5. Members of the ACPD are responsible for reviewing nominations and selecting awardees. The recipient(s) of the 2013 Jean Ford Democracy Award will be honored during the 2013 legislative session. An event to honor NASS Medallion Award winners will also occur.

About Jean Ford
Jean Ford served in the State Assembly (1972-76) and the State Senate (1978-82). She was a fervent community activist who was instrumental in the establishment of the Nevada Women’s History Project, which gathered and disseminated information about the roles, accomplishments and activities of Nevada women from every race, class and ethnic background who contributed in determining the State’s future.

About NASS
Founded in 1904, NASS is the oldest, nonpartisan professional organization of public officials in the U.S. Members include the 50 states, the District of Columbia, American Samoa and Puerto Rico. NASS serves as a medium for the exchange of information between states and fosters cooperation in the development of public policy. The association has key initiatives in the areas of elections and voting, state business services and digital archiving, international relations and state securities regulation, as well as several well-established awards programs. For more on NASS, please visit www.nass.org.

About the Advisory Committee on Participatory Democracy
The Advisory Committee on Participatory Democracy (ACPD) was first established in 1997 by the Legislature under the office of the Department of Cultural Affairs. The ACPD consists of 10 members including the Secretary of State or his designee and nine other members appointed by the Secretary of State. The Committee’s purpose is to assist the Secretary of State in identifying and proposing programs that promote citizen participation in governance, establishing a Jean Ford Democracy Award and working with partner organizations at the local, state and national level to increase voter participation. For more information on the ACPD, visit www.nvsos.gov.


Catherine Lu, Public Information Officer 
(702) 486-6982 / 334-7953